Our Environmentally Friendly Policies

We are always trying to improve and make ourselves as environmentally friendly as possible. Below are just a few of the things we are doing to try and make ourselves the best we can be!

  • The boxes we ship our orders in are either reused from when we have brought in the stock or in many cases boxes that would have gone to landfill as overun stock when originally produced for a company. Thats why when you get a box it may have someone elses branding on or a product ID for something you havent ordered.
  • Our box filling is recycled paper scrunched down to give padding, once with you it can be recycled once again. If you dont have paper as your filling it might be because we are reusing filling that has been part of an order sent to us. The only time we use bubblewrap that we have brought in is if your order has the potential to be broken eg a china mug. We wouldnt want breakages so use an appropriate method to get your purchase to you.
  • Our courier bags from DHL are now recyclable!
  • We check that any wood in our products is from FSC managed woodlands
  • We try and buy as local as possible to ensure that we minimise travel miles and if we have brought product in before its because we dont feel we have a good enough UK alternative, the foreign supplier has a special product with great credentials or we just havent discovered it yet!
  • We push our suppliers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, for example we push card suppliers to have compostable bags or even none!

We are working on other methods to and if you have ideas let us know at [email protected] – Our priority is to ensure that you the customer gets your product in the best shape possible first time and every time. Sometimes the costs, quantities we need to purchase or our location means we cannot adopt new ideas but we always try and make ourselves the best we can be!