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SingingFriend Evie Birdfeeder Range


Another clean design but with a twist from the design studio at SingingFriends, the Evie is specially designed for peanut butter jars or fat bars. Whilst it was designed for jars and bars it is also suitable for other foods, such as bird fat balls, peanuts, sunflower seeds or a piece of apple.

Placing a peanut butter jar is simple; remove the front, put the jar in, click the front back in place.

Evie can be easily attached to a drainpipe, fence, wall or other place, by using a screw or the included velcro.

Dimensions – 15cm x 13cm x 17cm


LISA Birdfeeder

SingingFriend LISA Multifeed Ceramic Birdfeeder


Elegance meets functionality in this ceramic product from Dutch based company SingingFriend. The LISA ceramic birdfeeder can be used for different varieties of bird foods, from sunflower seeds, coarser seeds and bird fat balls to bread and fruits.

With the help of a jute or rubber strap you can easily hang this product in the garden or on the balcony.

Dimensions – 14cm x 14cm

Weight – 650g

SingingFriend Multi FeedR Birdfeeder Range


Bird fat balls, peanut or suet pellets? This multi-feeding system can go all directions!

The Multi feedR is designed in a way so many kinds of food can be used; from bird fat balls to peanuts and sunflower seeds, the feeder comes with two interchangable inserts. This will enable you to change the type of feed you use without needing several feeders.

This modern feeder from the Singing Friend collection can be attached to walls, trees, drainpipes and fence posts thanks to its dynamic design.

Dimensions 17.5cm x 19cm x 19.5cm