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Squirrel Buster

Squirrel Buster Feeders

£19.99£64.99 inc. VAT

Stop squirrels stealing your precious birdfood. The Squirrel Buster lets birds feed freely while denying squirrels. Safe and humane, it’s fantastically effective at denying squirrels a free meal. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically shuts off the feeder ports, preventing access to seed. The Squirrel Buster’s patented mechanism adjusts easily to shut out larger birds like pigeons. The patented Seed Tube Ventilation System lets fresh air enter. Hot, humid air escapes at the top, keeping seed cool, fresh and appealing to birds. There’s a generous choice of perching and clinging options, making The Squirrel Buster popular with a wide range of different garden bird species. The feeder’s tough new chew-proof design also shrugs off the worst of the weather. Perfect for any size of garden, The Squirrel Buster is ideal for use with seeds and blends. For extra peace of mind the feeder is backed by a 2-year guarantee. With over 1.5 million Squirrel Busters sold worldwide, there’s no better way to keep squirrels locked out of a free meal.

  • Guaranteed 100% squirrel proof bird feeder – squirrels cannot feed!
  • Also adjusts easily to shut out larger birds like pigeons
  • Tough new chew-proof, weather-resistant design
  • 2-year warranty against damage by squirrels

Squirrel Buster Mini Capacity – 0.6l

Squirrel Buster Original Capacity – 0.75l

Squirrel Buster Classic Capacity – 1.4l

Bird Lovers Seed Feeder

Bird Lovers – Small Seed Feeder

£7.95 inc. VAT

This is the perfect feeder for those just beginning to feed birds. Small but inexpensive these plastic feeders will get the birds flocking in no time! Please note that this feeder is not squirrel proof.

Ringpull Seed Feeder

Ringpull Seed Feeder

£18.95£28.95 inc. VAT

Designed in Britain, Jacobi Jayne’s revolutionary Ringpull has re-written the book on feeder hygiene. This clever solution makes it easier than ever to keep birds healthy and disease free.

  • Unique patented design: just pull the pin and the feeder comes apart effortlessly for cleaning
  • Attractively sculptured premium design
  • Backed by reassurance of a lifetime guarantee
Lifetime Seed Feeder

Lifetime Seed Feeder

£15.95£25.95 inc. VAT

It is the name that started it all. World famous Droll Yankees quality and reliability are elegantly showcased in this much loved range of traditionally styled metal feeders.

  • Market leading lifetime guarantee
  • High quality, durable finish that won’t chip or fade
  • Snug fit sliding cap; easy to lift but hard for squirrels
  • Contoured base keeps seed in easy reach