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Kingfisher A4 Print Micklegate DesignWaxwing A4 Print Micklegate Design

Birds of Yorkshire Collection


View the beautiful collection of “Yorkshire Birds” from York based design studios Micklegate Design.

  • A4 in size.
  • Frame not included but fits a standard frame.
  • Each bird is full of colour and character, a real showcase of the fantastic variety of birds from the wetlands to the Yorkshire coast.
Sarah Edmonds Tits A4 PrintSarah Edmonds Boobies A4 Print

For The Pun Of It A4 Print Range


This range will provide the perfect gift for bird, wildlife, gardening and pun enthusiasts. Designed to make people giggle and embrace their mischievous side.

  • Printed on cartridge paper
  • Signed and dated.
  • A4 Print measurements: 29.7 cm high / 21 cm wide.
  • Board backed and cellophane wrapped.
  • Note –  Frame for illustrative purposes only, you will only recieve a print.