Blue, Green & Grey Ex Climbing Rope Belt

£16.67 £10.42

Twin rope belts are made with a single strip of climbing rope sheath harvested from UK retired climbing ropes.

32″    M 38″    L 44″



As a society we’ve learnt to design and manufacture amazing products and materials at a mind-blowing rate. We love having the latest bit of tech and equipment but without convenient systems in place that enable reuse or recycling often many of the things we throw away still have plenty of life left.
At Scavenger their passion lies in exploring ways to reuse these materials to their full potential. They also want to help to create systems which allow for easy recycling and redistribution of material to reduce waste.
All their products are designed and made in Sheffield, UK.
Climbing equipment is an integral part of rock climbing, helping people stay safe on the most epic adventures in the outdoors. Eventually this equipment becomes unsafe to use and often ends up retired and forgotten in the lofts and sheds of climbers across the world. After all its hard work Scavenger believe this gear deserves a happy retirement.


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