Butterfly Wildflower Mix

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Formulated from over 20 British native wildflower species that are suitable for attracting butterflies.

All 2g orders are shipped by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust whilst all 100g and 1kg orders are shipped direct from John Chambers and may take longer to process than normal.



SOWING RATE: 1 – 2 g/m2


Bird’s-foot-trefoil; Common (kg)
Campion; Red (kg)
Campion; White (kg)
Clover; Red (kg)
Daisy; Oxeye (kg)
Dandelion; Common (kg)
Hemp- Agrimony (kg)
Knapweed; Common or Hardheads (kg)
Knapweed; Greater (kg)
Marjoram; Wild (kg)
Medick; Black (kg)
Melilot; Yellow or Ribbed (kg)
Mignonette; Wild (kg)
Foxglove (kg)
Mallow; Musk (kg)
Scabious; Devil’s-bit (kg)
Scabious; Field (kg)
Scabious; Small (kg)
Selfheal (kg)
Purple Loosestrife (kg)
Valerian; Red (kg)
Vetch; Common (kg)
Pansy; Wild or Heartsease (kg)
Vetch; Kidney (kg)
Viper’s-bugloss (kg)
Teasel (kg)
Dame’s Violet or Sweet Rocket (kg)


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