Dewdrop Butterfly, Moth & Insect Habitat


  • FSC certified plywood with a decorative woven bamboo finish
  • Chemical free construction
  • Hang in sheltered spot near flowering plants
  • Rear opening section



The multi-species Dewdrop Insect hotel provides the perfect safe haven for butterflies, moths and other insects in your garden. Invertebrates of all kinds form the basis of a healthy ecosystem, so they are to be encouraged whole-heartedly in our gardens!

The habitat may be used during summer and also as an over-wintering space for certain species such as non-migratory butterflies. If you add some straw or twigs through the rear opening panel it will provide the perfect roosting space for any insects that decide to stay.

Ideally you should locate your Dewdrop Butterfly/Insect habitat close to flowering plants in a sheltered location. Try to keep it out of the prevailing wind and positioned in dappled sunlight.


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