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More and more people are feeding nyger seed in their gardens and with great success. Nyger seed (also known as thistle seed or nyjer) is a tiny oil-rich seed that has special oil releasing properties, and is the favoured seed of a garden favourite – the Goldfinch. Niger seed will also attract Siskins, Redpolls and Greenfinches.

To avoid waste nyger seed is best fed from a special nyger seed feeder. Vine House Farm’s nyger seed has been specially heat treated to help reduce seedling re-growth. Niger can also be fed on bird tables and ground feeders.


Product Description

Where does nyger seed comes from?

Nyger seed is from a plant called the Ramtil which is native to the highlands of Ethiopia. The Ramtil plant is actually a relative of the sunflower, though, and quite wrongly, nyger is often referred to as thistle seed. Nyger seed is still grown in Ethiopia for export, but much of the seed imported into the UK now comes from India.

How to feed nyger seed.

By far the best way is from a proper nyger seed feeder. At a glance this looks much like a normal hanging tube seed feeder, but closer inspection shows only tiny holes for the birds to take the seed from, which is essential to prevent the nyger seed simply flowing out of the feeder (which it would a normal seed feeder).

Yet although the hole, or port, is so small, the birds which especially like nyger – Goldfinches and Siskins – have unusually thin and pointed ends to their bills for a finch, and therefore are easily able to remove the seeds.


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