Squirrel Buster Peanut


Stop squirrels stealing your precious peanuts. Squirrel Buster Peanut is the high quality birdfeeder that’s guaranteed 100% squirrel proof. Safe and humane, it’s fantastically effective at denying squirrels a free meal. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically shuts off the feeder ports, preventing access to peanuts. As an extra refinement, the spring mechanism is easily adjustable to exclude heavier birds like pigeons, too. The patented ventilation system lets fresh air enter feeder mesh. Hot, humid air escapes at the top, keeping birdfood cool, fresh and appealing to birds. Popular with a wide range of garden bird species, Squirrel Buster Peanut offers plenty of feeding space for birds like woodpeckers that favour a large, stable perching area for balance. The feeder is backed by a 2-year guarantee for extra peace of mind. With over 1.5 million Squirrel Busters sold worldwide, there’s no better way to keep squirrels locked out of a free meal.

  • Guaranteed 100% squirrel proof bird feeder – squirrels cannot feed!
  • The squirrel’s weight shuts off the feeder ports, preventing access to seed. Adjustable to exclude larger birds, too
  • For peanuts and suet pellets; capacity 3.8l
  • 2-year warranty against damage by squirrels
  • Woodpecker-friendly: unique base offers space for woodpeckers that need a large, stable perching area for balance while feeding

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