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Simply loved by more wild bird species than any other seed, these sunflower hearts are a real winner in most gardens. They are a waste-free solution to the black sunflowers as they are husk-free with a high oil and calorie content.

Sunflower hearts are suitable for seed feeders, bird tables and ground feeders. One of our best-selling seeds at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve, these standard sunflower hearts are great value as they are enjoyed by so many garden birds.



Why are sunflower hearts  so popular with birds?

Sunflower hearts are probably the bird food which more species eat than any other. One key reason for this is that ‘softbill’ species of bird such as Blackbird, Song Thrush and Robin, can easily eat sunflower hearts, but they can’t eat black sunflower seeds which are sunflower hearts but with the husk still on them.

This is simply because softbill species like those mentioned above are unable to remove the husk off a seed in the same way a finch or tit can. Add to that the very high oil and calorie content and it’s no wonder garden birds love sunflower hearts so much.


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